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Sleepy MagusCraft

Magus aOwner posted Aug 27, 16

Hey guys!

It's been quite some time since MagusCraft went down, which was a shame because there's a bit of history in it for many players and there's been a lot of playtime on it.

BUT... How about we wake this bad boy up again?!
"Wakey wakey, MagusCraft, no more sleeping!"

I've prepared most of the things I need, but there's still things to be done, so I don't know when the server will be fully functional for players to play on, but things are falling into place.

Make sure your minecraft friends hear about it if you want to start your adventures here again! Though, I would very much appreciate if you didn't advertise it on other servers, since that really would just give us a bad reputation.

Stay tuned and I'll let you know when the server is up! :D


__Arceus__ Reg Hey SirMagus... I heard you got the server back up congrats me and Renjia123 are so happy. We never forgot the memories ...
RenJia123 Thank goodness magus is coming back up I just find out about this and I am really excited. I have a lot of history with...

Good bye for now, MagusCraft!

Magus aOwner posted Apr 19, 15

Unfortunately, because of lack of interest and activity on my own part and others, I can't keep the server up anymore. It costs quite a bit to just have it standing there, empty for the most part ($100 a month).

Besides, I don't really have time or much interest for it at the moment. One; I'm pretty busy with other things. Two; Because of the whole deal with Bukkit and Spigot having to shut down their services, which is the really awesome system that makes servers awesome beyond imagination!

Even though it sucks to have to shut it down, I'll still take care of the files and world, so that maybe one day... the server might come back again. Who knows.

Right now, what I need to do in my life is to save up money for my future, so I need to cut down a bit on things that are draining me (This server being one of them.) Since I'm not really active anymore, the server doesn't have many players, donations or anything, so it's basically just been money out the window the last couple of months.Thanks to everyone who played here and enjoyed the server. Maybe we'll meet again in the future if I ever end up starting up the server again.

See you all! Thanks for all the good times!

Now sleep, MagusCraft.

buckly91 App A shame to see this server go down, had a great time when it was up!
077as1 D: I would've been on more for about 2 reasons. first: becouse of school and getting prepared for it, and 2: if the...

New Arena

Magus aOwner posted Sep 5, 14
Put on your underwear and get ready, cause now we have a Sumo Arena!

It's a team deathmatch arena where you can only spawn as Sumo class.
Push the opposing team outside the ring and into the lava before they do it to you!

/UA Join Sumo

Also, remember to vote for the server every day! It helps us a lot!

buckly91 App The new mini game is pretty straight forward, but its fun.
Dr_Mardas DragonReg Tell me when you are ready for some spanking!

Getting More Players!

Magus aOwner posted Mar 1, 14
Hello my fellow mages!

The player count has gone up a little lately, and we've been able to meet a lot of nice players. We can grow as a server even more if you will all help me. I can't do it alone, so I hope you want to help me out. Another reason why you should do this is because we usually don't host events when there's too few players online, but if there are a lot of players on, it's likely that we host events.

In order to help us, click the links below and reply on our topics. Just write a nice little comment, it doesn't have to be long or complicated. It might take like 1-2 minutes if you already have an account. If you don't have accounts, it might take around 5-10 minutes in order to register and comment on both topics. If you can, I'd like for you to be a little active there as well and just discuss the server or such, it helps bring us attention and we get lots of players!

buckly91 App Seems that the hype died down, now there usually about 1 player on at a time.
UndeadGaming606 I'll comment on the PMC page.
Drummerabc123 Draugr Alright Magus Ill do my best for your amazing server!

Mystery Crates

Magus aOwner posted Feb 21, 14
Have you mined, gathered and traded so much that you have more money than you can spend? Maybe there just isn't anything interesting to buy?

Well, now you can buy Mystery Crates that will give you a random prize!
You have the chance of getting items such as diamond blocks, mob eggs, set items and maxed gears!

These crates can be bought in-game for $3000 each and in our web shop for $2* each!
In order to buy them in-game for $3000, use the command /buycrate
In order to buy them in our web shop for $2, go to "Shop" then "Misc" or use this link: Web Shop - Misc.
When you get the crate, you can open it with /opencrate or /myst open!

Good luck!

*Note that the web shop uses real currency, and not in-game currency.

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